Lloyd ‘Bread’ McDonald of the Wailing Souls prior to one of the group’s shows in Brazil recently.—-

THE Wailing Souls are one of reggae’s great harmony groups. Founded in the mid-1960s, they had their recording heyday during the roots explosion in Jamaica a decade later.

Back then, they were a quartet (Lloyd ‘Bread’ McDonald, Winston ‘Pipe’ Matthews, George ‘Buddy’ Haye and Garth Dennis) who recorded outstanding songs like War, Firehouse Rock, Things and Time, and Jah Jah Give us Life.

McDonald and Matthews have comprised the Wailing Souls for almost 20 years and continue to tour the world. Recently, the duo performed for the first time in Brazil, which McDonald calls an “amazing place”.

“They had these big posters of us all over, it was really great. A blessing,” said McDonald.

The ‘Souls’ also performed on the recent Welcome to Jamrock cruise staged by Damian ‘Junior Gong’ Marley and are scheduled to do the summer festival circuit in the United States.

The Wailing Souls

McDonald says although he and Matthews have been touring for almost 40 years, they never think of retiring from the road.

“Wi neva think about cutting back ’cause wi still enjoy it. Yuh can’t retire from yuh life,” he said.

While in Brazil, the Wailing Souls and their four-piece band performed in Ribeirao Preto, Arbraquara, Piracicaba and did two shows in Pompeia.

The shows, which drew 800 to 1,000 fans, were held March 11-15.

–By Howard Campbell

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